Happy Birthday Biscuit!

2016-07-25 13.45.17

A few days ago, our dog Biscuit turned 13! We got him some little cakes and as you can see, lit some candles for him. He’s slowing down a bit due to his age but he’s still as happy as ever and he’s still so loving and caring.

Happy 13th birthday Biscuit! We love you!


London – 12th and 13th July 2016

Hi everyone! Firstly, my apologies for not posting in a few days or replying to emails. I have been away and been unable to reply. I am going to start replying today though so if you have sent me an email, you will receive a reply later on today.

I have been to London! It was fantastic! I’ve been there a few times before so it was nice to return. I saw some of the big tourist attractions like Big Ben, The Houses of Parliment, St Pauls Cathedral, The Shard. I even went up to the top of St Pauls, what a fantastic view!

2016-07-12 09.56.28

I also saw some lesser-known places such as Little Venice, Primrose Hill and South-End Green Fountain. My feet are aching like mad but I had an amazing time.

I would like to thank my Dad for an incredible few days away! Thank you!

2016-07-12 18.44.30

Coldplay at Wembley Stadium – 19th June 2016

For Christmas 2015, I bought my Dad (who is a huge Coldplay fan) tickets to their show in Wembley. Yesterday was the day.

2016-06-19 16.51.06 This was the view from our seats about 20 minutes after the stadium doors opened.

Coldplay were incredible! The atmosphere was electric, the wristbands (Xylobands) lit up the whole stadium and Coldplay themselves were fantastic! Every single fan was singing along during each song. “Fix You” was brilliant when the whole stadium sang the chorus!

2016-06-19 21.45.53 This was during one of the last songs. Every single light in the audience is a wristband.

It was a long and tiring day but well worth it! I would highly recommend seeing Coldplay if you ever get the chance!