Happy 2017!


Hi everybody! I hope you have all had a great start to 2017. My apologies for the lack of blog posts, but things will be back to normal tomorrow, and there will be regular posts.


My Top 3 Books Of 2016

As today is the last day of 2016, I thought I would share with you my top three books I have read this year, and the reviews that I wrote. Please note these do not include books I have received in exchange for reviews. These are books that I have either bought myself or borrowed from the library.

Number 3 – The Land of Stories: An Author’s Odyssey by Chris Colfer


Bookworm1102’s Review: 

The Fairytale World is on the brink of a war. The Masked Man is spreading fear across the kingdoms. Alex and Conner’s only way to defeat him is to use the Portal Potion to travel into Conner’s short stories to assemble an army to fight the Masked Man.
Who will they meet along the way? Will they be able to defeat the Masked Man?

I am a huge fan of this series and of Chris Colfer. I loved this book. The new characters we met from Conner’s stories were just as interesting as the ones from the Fairytale World and had a rich backstory. My favourite of Conner’s stories was The Ziblings. Alex and Conner both learnt that his stories had deeper meanings than what they saw on the surface.

As always, the ending was a cliffhanger, leaving it wide open for a sixth book (hopefully!!)

I gave this book 5/5 stars!


Number 2 – Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Bookworm1102’s Review:

Before I read this book, I had heard nothing but good things about this series, so I thought I’d give it a try myself. I was not disappointed!

Cinder is a mechanic living in New Beijing. She lives with her stepmother and her two stepsisters. Cinder is also a cyborg. Her youngest stepsister becomes suddenly ill, and Cinder is blamed for this by her stepmother and oldest stepsister. Alongside this, Earth is being threatened by Queen Levana of Luna, who has the ability to wage war on Earth if she wants to. Cinder’s life becomes entwined with Prince Kai and with the Queen, and Cinder does not know that she is more important than she realises.

I really enjoyed this book. It is a futuristic take on ‘Cinderella’. I could see some of the similarities between this book and the classic fairytale, such as Cinder being forced to work for her stepmother, and Cinder meeting the Prince. There is also a lot of new characters in this series, like Queen Levana and Doctor Erland, who is one of my favourite characters.

The story was fast paced and there was always something new happening with every turn of the page. There were a few twists and turns that I did not expect, and the ending was a cliffhanger. I will definitely be reading the rest of this series to see what happens.

I gave this book 4/5 stars!


Number 1 – Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill


Bookworm1102’s Review:

I borrowed this book from my local library, after reading the blurb online and thinking that it sounded interesting.

It is set in a world where girls are created to serve men. It is classed as disgusting if they are overweight. They are encouraged to not eat and they spent their free time on ePads. They are not even worthy to have a capital letter at the start of their name. The aim of freida’s time in School is to become a companion, and anything else is not worth thinking about. All of a sudden, her best friend of many year, isabel, starts ignoring her and gaining weight, and self-destructing in the final year. Can freida figure out how to save her best friend? Or will she betray her in order to achieve her dream of companionship?

This book was really powerful and thought provoking. So many girls nowadays feel like they have to be self-conscious of their appearance, their weight, and many girls feel the need to bully others for not looking ‘perfect’. This book is a glimpse into the world nowadays, and what the world could be like in the future.

I gave this book 5/5 stars!


If you have not read any of these, I highly encourage you to read them. Finally, I would like to wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

My Dream Book Conference Panel

I thought this would be a fun post to write about. If you would like to check out Eventbrite, click the link below. They show you where all the local conferences are in relation to where you are. You can plan conferences as well as find them.

For my Dream Book Panel, I have 5 authors that I would love to hear talk about their series. I am going to talk about how I came across each author and why I would want them at my conference panel.

cdf    ll

The first author is Darren Shan. He wrote the Saga of Darren Shan and The Demonata series. He has also written other series, but these two are the ones I have read. I first came across him on a car trip. My parents gave me his first two books (Cirque du Freak and The Vampire’s Assistant) to read on the long journey, and from then on, I was hooked. I love the way he blurs the line between horror and Young Adult, making it gory enough to be scary, but not too gory that it is not suitable for a younger audience. He is the author who got me into reading Young Adult books, and that is why I would have him at my panel.

I was lucky enough to be able to meet Darren Shan at a book festival in September 2007. He was amazing and was more than willing to pose for pictures and sign books.

marked    amber-smoke

My second and third authors are PC and Kristin Cast. They wrote The House of Night series between them, and Kristin has also branched out and is writing The Escaped series. I came across Marked, the first book in The House of Night series, whilst shopping in Waterstones. It came free as part of a sale, and I thought it sounded interesting and I would give it a try. As soon as I finished the first book, I knew I had to get my hands on the rest. The House of Night series gives a unique spin on the vampire genre (or Vampyre, as they are known in that world), and there are so many different characters that you love to hate, and hate to love. I have only read Amber Smoke, the first book in The Escaped series, but I will be reading Scarlet Rain very soon! I would have these two authors at my panel as they gave me my first real taste at losing my favourite character (aka killing him off!)

cinder    scarlet

The fourth author I would have at my panel is Marissa Meyer. She has written the hugely successful The Lunar Chronicles series. I have only read Cinder and Scarlet, but I have the rest of the series waiting! I already know, without reading the others, that this series and the world, will be one of my favourite. The Lunar Chronicles are a re-telling of popular fairy tales, for example, Cinder is loosely based on Cinderella. This is what first inspired me to read the series, and I am so glad I have started! Marissa Meyer is the first author I have read who has written a re-telling, and that is why she is on my panel.

tlos    tlos2

Completing my panel of authors is Chris Colfer. He has written the children’s series The Land of Stories. I first heard of him through Glee (I am a huge Glee fan!) and when I saw that he had written a book, I knew I had to try it. Despite the fact that the series is aimed at the younger generation, I adore it. It is another fairy tale world, but Chris focuses more on humans stumbling upon the fairy tale world, rather than it being a re-telling, like The Lunar Chronicles is. The Land of Stories always ends on a huge cliffhanger, and the characters and the story just keeps you coming back for more. If an author can get me to keep buying their books, and they can get me to fall in love with the characters like The Land of Stories does, then that author deserves the final place on my panel.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Dream Book Conference Panel, and if you have not read any of the series mentioned, I would highly recommend you check them all out!

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Hi everyone! This post is just to tell you all that we now have a Facebook page! It is still very new but if you would like to follow me on there as well, I will post the link below.

Thank you all for every view, visit, like, comment and email. I still cannot believe how many people visit my blog and I really do appreciate it!

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My apologies!


Hi everyone! First off, I would like to thank everyone who has been visiting my blog, despite the lack of posts. I have had some personal things going on which has made it difficult to update. Hopefully, I will be able to get back to updating on a much more regular timeline.

Thank you for all of your support!

One Year Anniversary!


Today marks the one year anniversary of my becoming a book blogger! When I started this blog a year ago, I never expected it to reach as many people as it has, and I never expected to receive as many book review requests as I have!

I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog, whether it is just once or whether you read every one of my posts. It means so much that people take the time to visit my blog and read my posts.

I look forward to what the next year brings, and I look forward to reading some new and exciting books!

Thank you!

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I received an email from the owner of this site, Scott Mullins, telling me about this website. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and I was more than happy to put a post about it on my blog, letting all of you know about it. I have signed up, and look forward to receiving the first email in July.
If you are looking for your next read, let book-swag.com help you!

Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thank you to Inside My Mind for the nomination! It is my first award as a blogger so I’m absolutely thrilled!


– Thank the person who nominated you.
– Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
– Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer.

1.)What is your favorite part about where you live?

I live in a small town but I’m within walking distance of our town centre, so I can just walk into town and do some retail therapy whenever I feel like it!

2.)How do you find out about new books?

I am active on Goodreads, which is mostly how I know about new books, but if it is an author I am already a fan of, I’ll keep up to date with their books via pre-orders on Amazon.

3.) Physical books or eBooks?

For me, there is nothing quite like holding a physical book. However, I do like some of the amazing indie authors that have ebooks published, so I’ll read both.

4.)Blogging or Booktubing?

Definitely blogging. I do not have the confidence to record videos and upload to youtube, although I would love to do this in the future!

5.) Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?

I have a confession. I’ve never read either. I’ve watched a few HP films but never read the books, although both series are on my TBR list.

6.) How often do you use Goodreads?

I check Goodreads every day, but I post when I’ve finished a book and I’m starting a new one. I always post my reviews on Goodreads.

7.) When did you start blogging?

I started this blog in August 2015, mostly as a bit of fun. I never thought I would still be updating it today. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts and likes and comments.

8.) How did you discover your love of reading?

My dad used to read me bedtime stories. The first book we read together out loud was The BFG by Roald Dahl, so that book has a huge place in my heart. I’m definitely going to watch the upcoming film of it.

9.) Which fictional character would you summon if you were stranded on a stranded island and why?

Does from TV count? If so, then Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, he’s such a badass! If not, then Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles. She’s also a badass!

10.) If you could take and switch fictional characters from one world (i.e. Narnia) and put them in another world (i.e. Middle Earth), which characters would you choose and why?

I would switch the House of Night characters to The Lunar Chronicle times. I’d love to see how both sets of characters would cope with the issues that are in both series.

11.) What is your all time favorite book to movie adaptation?

The Twilight Saga. I read all the books before the movies came out, and I loved the series so much that the movies had a lot to live up to, but for me personally, they lived up to my expectations (plus I’m a huge Taylor Lautner fan!)

My Questions are:

  1. If you had a superpower for a day, what would it be and why?
  2. What fictional world would you love to be a part of?
  3. What is your favourite fandom?
  4. What TV shows do you love at the moment?
  5. Marissa Meyer or Sarah J.Maas?
  6. What city in the world would you most like to visit and why?
  7. Best part about the country you live in?
  8. What is the first book you remember enjoying?
  9. What is your first blog post about?
  10. Twilight or The Hunger Games?
  11. Do you have any pets? If so, what animals are they?

I nominate:

Kerrie at comfy reading

Jess at Jess’s Reading Nook

Lynne at Fictionophile

Carrie at Carries Book Reviews

If you are tagged, you do not have to do this tag, but your blogs are ones that I look forward to seeing, and I love reading your content.

Review Policy

I am not currently accepting review requests. 

Please note: Due to a list of review books, I will be unable to guarantee a read date for any review book.

If you are interested in a guest post, please send me an email and I am more than happy to feature you in a guest post on my blog.

My review policy is fairly simple.

Request Guidelines:

  • I accept YA or Children’s books.
  • I accept the following formats: PDF, ePub or Mobi/Kindle. My format of choice is mobi/Kindle.

If you would like to request a review, please include the following in your request

  • Your name
  • The title of your book
  • A blurb of your book
  • A cover (if possible)
  • A link to your book (such as Amazon or Smashwords)
  • Where you found my blog to

I use the following rating system:

1 star – DNF

2 stars – Did finish but I would not read again

3 stars – Did finish. It was OK but I probably would not recommend this

4 stars – Did finish. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend this

5 stars – Did finish. I absolutely loved this book and would highly recommend this

  • I post reviews on Amazon UK, Goodreads and this blog. If there are other websites you would like a review posted on, please include this in your request.
  • When the review is up on my blog, I will send you an email to say I have read your book and send you a link to the review.
  • I cannot guarantee how long it will take me to read your book but I will read it as soon as possible.
  • The email to send requests to is bookworm1102@hotmail.com. If you do not receive a reply within a week after you sent me an email, please email me again. I always reply to emails within a week, although it is usually sooner.

Book Reviewing

This is my first post. I have decided to start a blog dedicated to book reviews. As an avid reader, there is nothing more I like doing than settling down to read a good book. Lately, I have found myself enjoying writing reviews about the books I have read, and giving my personal opinion on the book. I thought it would be a good idea to start this blog to put my reviews on one site.

Thank you if you are reading this!