New Author Spotlight List

This page is a list of all the new authors and their novels that you can read for free on Inkitt.

New Author Spotlight #1 – There are 12 novels on this page

New Author Spotlight #2 – There are 7 novels on this page


New Author Spotlight #1

If you are looking for something new and interesting to read, here are twelve new novels, all based on Inkitt. Feel free to check them out, you could find your next favourite read!

1. Weight of Fate by KasimmaOkani
2. Balance of the World by Jenna Cassie Herdz
3. A Girl and A Goblin by Emelie M and Sage O
4. Asha Swanwick: The Grimoire Maiden by
5. The Cord by Sre Dhanea
6. The Art of Living by flyinghorizons
7. Trapped Between by Emily Scotson
8. American Now Departed: Fight for the One You Love by historyman101
9. Ambloome Princess of Giants by agrader
10. Cindercole: A Yaoi Story by Andrina LeBlanc
11. Destined by UDubLinz
12. Rosaline: Hyperactive Summer by MrPapi