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Arthur Biers never knew he’d come face to face with unwritten history.

In 1974 two farmers digging a well outside of Xi’an, China, discovered a clay statue and a pot that belonged to China’s first Emperor. The site they discovered was the second pit of his mausoleum, and is one of the most interesting historical finds of the 20th century.

But the Emperor’s Tomb has yet to be excavated as claims have arisen from conspiracy theorists that the site is a fraud. The Tomb of the Primal Dragon tells the story of a group of researchers vying for the inside scoop on the tomb’s excavation as each source they investigate suggests there’s much more going on at the Museum than the excavation of historical relics.

Led by worldwide bestselling pseudo-historian, Bruce Philips, and technologist, Wyatt Waller, Art embarks on a journey across mainland China as they hunt down every lead to show the world what deadly secrets are buried inside the tomb.

If you want to learn more about the technology featured in the story, check out an interview the author did with a drone software expert here, and a podcast interview he did in which he discusses the book, how storytelling is about to take over technology, and his love for history here.




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About The Author

Will Ruff is not a lawyer, or television producer, or any veteran of the entertainment industry. He is a fan of the written word, and a storyteller at his core. Will earned his B.A. in history at Syracuse University where he studied Chinese history, and he spent his final semester in Beijing at Tsinghua University. He previously authored two shorts in a series called World Gone MAD that follows regular people as a nuclear war breaks out. The Tomb of the Primal Dragon is his first full length novel, and is now available on Kindle and in paperback. His Facebook page can be found here.


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