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This colourful book is best viewed on a kindle app. Useful for toddlers who cannot read, and are just beginning to get familiar with language. A parent or teacher can point to different objects, colours and shapes in a picture, and repeat their names, or ask the toddler to identify them. The book can also be used as a fun vocabulary building tool for older children.
Story telling using a pictorial prompt can also be a very entertaining group activity in a classroom, or on a picnic, and is a great ice-breaker when there’s a group of children who do not know each other well.

The book can be used as a story prompt for older children. A teacher can make the story writing activity more challenging by picking out two pictures and asking students to write a story, that incorporates both the pictures. Or, the students themselves can pick out two pictures from the book themselves, and write a story around them. These pictures can also be used as prompts for writing poems in poetry writing classes.



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