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Born the children of the ruling family. 

Betrayed by the ones that swore to protect them. 


Siblings, Elenah and Teveran are thrust into a secret war of space magicians that will decide the fate of the galaxy. 

But a darkness swells in the galactic depths, magicians wielding magic not seen for millennia, and as the struggle for power grows more desperate, the children might find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the conflict. 

The first book in the Saga of the Magicus Eye.

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Brandon Young is the debut author of the Saga of the Magicus Eye. He’s also a musician, gamer, and avid Star Wars fan living in Melbourne, Australia.

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Excerpt – Teveran

Promo image - Teveran

In the aftermath of Teveran’s first real battle, he has been introduced to the mysterious Fex, an old man with shady intentions; they stand now amidst an impressive galaxy map…

“This galaxy needs a hero,” Fex said.

“Might need to search a little longer.” Teveran squeezed his eyes shut and spun away from the swirling planets, the vibrant stars. “You’ve got the wrong person. I can’t do this stuff. The Council…The rebellion…I’m not like them, Fex. I realised that on Corion.”

Suddenly, Fex’s hand found his shoulder. “Never are there merely two sides to a war.” It was barely


more than a whisper. “It’s time to open your eyes.”

“Maybe I don’t want to.” He knew it was the wrong thing to say.

Fex turned, amber lights dwelling among his wrinkles, and Teveran turned with him. “You will.” The old man stopped, and the galaxy swirled and reshaped itself as if by his own command. Planets and stars striated, then reappeared much larger.

And Teveran saw Etheron.

It burst into flames. Embers and black smoke seemed to fill the entire chamber. Etheron was gone, reduced to a crisp. The galaxy twisted, and turned, and slowly crumbled into nothing.

Teveran felt his emotions being pulled on, steered, reshaped to follow the spiralling course of the deteriorating galaxy.

There were two spiral arms extending from the galactic core: the northern Godsworn Spiral, and the southern Starforged Spiral. They burned now, disintegrating wickedly.

Fex stepped through the chaos of exploding worlds, through flames that engulfed billions of people every time another massive star turned black and exploded.

Fex quickened his pace, bones grinding as he returned to the centre of the galaxy. “This is what awaits us if we do not try to change it. For two thousand years the galaxy has been decaying. But we can restore the majesty we forgot. We can build it anew.” His voice grew coarse now, folds of skin growing taut. “This is barely the beginning. There is so much more ahead.”

Teveran tried to catch his breath. A warm trickle raced down his cheek, and he quickly scrubbed it away. When he spoke, it was barely a whisper. “I don’t…I don’t understand.” Gods, he sounded like an idiot. “Why are you showing me this?”

“Something terrible stirs. You have to understand what we have at stake.” By its own will, the light in the chamber returned. Fex flipped out a calm, gloved hand, and a flame came alight above his palm. “Let’s begin proceedings. After all, we came here to make you ready to face this war head-on, did we not? So, we must define what you can do. What have you already learned?”

“Um…” He bit his lip, taking a wide step away from Fex. The flame swirled over the old man’s palm, throwing out embers across the room. Teveran could feel magic pulsing around him, the very essence of creation itself. It was said the galaxy was formed in the debris of a magical explosion, and that it still burned furiously with its lingering power. Well, this was proof like he’d never seen before. He could feel it now, as furious as if it was swirling within himself.

Fex drew a long, steady breath. His hand momentarily convulsed, and the ball of fire grew larger, more vibrant. For a second, Teveran wondered if Fex was going to attack him with it. He didn’t know many defensive spells; Gilgan had never really prepared him for combat.

“I…I’m not going to be sent to the battlefield, though,” Teveran uttered. “I’m the High Prince, not a soldier. Surely…Surely my uncle told you that.”

“You still need to be trained,” Fex said sternly. “I feel your connection to the source; it is very strong. You will be a danger even to yourself if you do not learn to control it.”

Teveran frowned. “But I’m not going to touch it. I’m not—”

Listen to me, Teveran!” He expelled the bolt of fire and strode across the chamber. “This has


nothing to do with the Council. The Council fights their own battle now.”

“What are you talking about?” He stepped backwards.

“What I’m offering you,” Fex whispered, “is an alternative.”

An alternative…?

“Does my uncle know about this?”

Fex shook his head. “You would be better keeping it between you and me. But I promise I will hold him to my word and I will make you stronger, make you ready to face what’s coming. Just…The Council will not last much longer. We have to ensure we do not fall when they do.”



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