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Goodreads Summary

Volatile and unstable, Amy stands at the precipice. Will she fall into the chaos and despair of insanity or ascend into brilliance and redemption?

Amy Miles is fifteen and crazy. Or, at least that’s her greatest fear. Her severe bipolar disorder, with its roller coaster manic and depressive episodes, is ruining her life. Yet in Amy’s mind it is accepting the pills and therapy—not the disease—that will brand her as ’crazy’. 

When Amy lands in a residential psychiatric program, she befriends take-charge Mallory and the two create family and try to salvage the shards of their broken minds. There, Amy discovers that her illicit drug use has robbed her of her ability to dance and she is forced to weigh how hard she is willing to work to reclaim her lost talent and potential. But, despite a promising beginning, when Amy falls back into denial, the tragic consequences cannot be undone.

Amy is left to decide whether to give up altogether or accept her diagnosis and the tools she needs to battle her disease, to learn to dance again and forge a new and improved version of herself. Will she step up to the edge of her brilliance and shine?

Reader Advisory: This book contains strong language and also includes scenes involving drug use, rape, violence. This book also includes a frank exploration of mental illness and loss of autonomy. 

Bookworm1102’s Review

The Edge of Brilliance is centered around a teenager named Amy Miles, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. After one incident, before she realises what has happened, she is an inpatient in Green Acres, a residential psychiatric programme. She becomes firm friends with the girls in her room, especially Mallory. During her time here, she realises that the activity she most loves to do, dance, has been taken from her due to her use of illegal drugs.  Will Amy ever battle her disorder and learn to dance again, or will she fall further down her own hole of despair?

I liked this book. It gave me a strong sense of what happens to somebody who has a mental disorder. My heart went out to Amy, she went through so much pain and despair, that as the book went on, I was rooting for her to beat the programme.

The book is well written. I could imagine how it felt to be Amy at every stage of her life, I could feel how scared she was and how out of control she was. I could see Green Acres exactly as she described it. I only wish I could have found out how Amy was coping after the story ended.

Thank you to the publisher, Susan Traugh and YA Bound Book Tours for sending me a complimentary copy.

I rate this book 4/5 stars!

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About The Author

susan traugh

Award-winning author, Susan Traugh, has been writing for over thirty years. Her Daily Living Skills workbooks are used in classrooms all over the world and her stories have appeared in periodicals nationwide along with several stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul. With husband, Steven, Susan won Learning Magazine’s Teachers Choice Award for Mother Goose Brain Boost.

Now, Susan is venturing into the world of young adult fiction. Her latest novel, The Edge of Brilliance is an exploration into the heroes found within struggling young people. The manuscript was a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards.  Today, Susan lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and daughters, a cat, dog, fish and near her grown son who doesn’t visit enough.

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