1986…Hollywood, at the peak of the cocaine-fueled, hair-band era that swept through the ‘80s like a screeching guitar solo on a double-necked custom Gibson. Taking a gig as the first Check-In Girl at Guitar Center on the Sunset Strip, journalist Taylor Van Arsdale was given a front row seat to the parade of dreamers, druggies and misfits that came flocking to the iconic LA store. But in this world of — yes — sex drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll, lies the story of a young girl discovering herself, making mistakes, falling in and out of love, and becoming a woman. Part fiction / part memoir—Cocaine To Bain snorts and grinds its way through sexual dalliances and love triangles, through celebrity encounters and mental breakdowns and does so during the unexpected corporate handover of Guitar Center.

If you like the sound of Cocaine to Bain, you can find it on Amazon US here and Amazon UK here. If you would like to visit the author’s website, you can find it here.


One thought on “Guest Post: Cocaine To Bain: Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll And The Inside Story Of The Hollywood Guitar Center by Taylor Van Arsdale

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