I thought this would be a fun post to write about. If you would like to check out Eventbrite, click the link below. They show you where all the local conferences are in relation to where you are. You can plan conferences as well as find them.

For my Dream Book Panel, I have 5 authors that I would love to hear talk about their series. I am going to talk about how I came across each author and why I would want them at my conference panel.

cdf    ll

The first author is Darren Shan. He wrote the Saga of Darren Shan and The Demonata series. He has also written other series, but these two are the ones I have read. I first came across him on a car trip. My parents gave me his first two books (Cirque du Freak and The Vampire’s Assistant) to read on the long journey, and from then on, I was hooked. I love the way he blurs the line between horror and Young Adult, making it gory enough to be scary, but not too gory that it is not suitable for a younger audience. He is the author who got me into reading Young Adult books, and that is why I would have him at my panel.

I was lucky enough to be able to meet Darren Shan at a book festival in September 2007. He was amazing and was more than willing to pose for pictures and sign books.

marked    amber-smoke

My second and third authors are PC and Kristin Cast. They wrote The House of Night series between them, and Kristin has also branched out and is writing The Escaped series. I came across Marked, the first book in The House of Night series, whilst shopping in Waterstones. It came free as part of a sale, and I thought it sounded interesting and I would give it a try. As soon as I finished the first book, I knew I had to get my hands on the rest. The House of Night series gives a unique spin on the vampire genre (or Vampyre, as they are known in that world), and there are so many different characters that you love to hate, and hate to love. I have only read Amber Smoke, the first book in The Escaped series, but I will be reading Scarlet Rain very soon! I would have these two authors at my panel as they gave me my first real taste at losing my favourite character (aka killing him off!)

cinder    scarlet

The fourth author I would have at my panel is Marissa Meyer. She has written the hugely successful The Lunar Chronicles series. I have only read Cinder and Scarlet, but I have the rest of the series waiting! I already know, without reading the others, that this series and the world, will be one of my favourite. The Lunar Chronicles are a re-telling of popular fairy tales, for example, Cinder is loosely based on Cinderella. This is what first inspired me to read the series, and I am so glad I have started! Marissa Meyer is the first author I have read who has written a re-telling, and that is why she is on my panel.

tlos    tlos2

Completing my panel of authors is Chris Colfer. He has written the children’s series The Land of Stories. I first heard of him through Glee (I am a huge Glee fan!) and when I saw that he had written a book, I knew I had to try it. Despite the fact that the series is aimed at the younger generation, I adore it. It is another fairy tale world, but Chris focuses more on humans stumbling upon the fairy tale world, rather than it being a re-telling, like The Lunar Chronicles is. The Land of Stories always ends on a huge cliffhanger, and the characters and the story just keeps you coming back for more. If an author can get me to keep buying their books, and they can get me to fall in love with the characters like The Land of Stories does, then that author deserves the final place on my panel.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my Dream Book Conference Panel, and if you have not read any of the series mentioned, I would highly recommend you check them all out!


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