“My easy-to-use coiled spine guidebook takes you step-by-step through a unique fitness programme I developed – bringing yogaplusexercise together to create an enhanced, naturally synergistic health experience”.

“The poses and exercises described in the guidebook have evolved over time. Some retain their conventional ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga roots, while others are either variations or his own innovations”.

“The book provides clear, concise instructions for each pose or exercise, has over 170 colour photos of poses and exercises, a list of essential dos and don’ts, and is indexed so each pose and exercise can be found easily”.

“With yogaplusexercise, you’ll improve your strength, flexibility, and posture. As you become aware of your improved health, you’ll feel better, physically and mentally”.

“With just an hour of yogaplusexercise a week over ten weeks, I am confident you’ll feel healthier”.

“My core group of students has been practising with me for years, and their personal feedback confirms that yogaplusexercise works”. – Dr P Singh

If you like the sound of yogaplusexercise, you can find it here


The City and global financial services is a wide-ranging introductory-level text on global financial services and one of its leading centers: the City of London.

• A primer on the language of finance
• Debt, equity, and derivative financial instruments and a useful glossary
• Domestic and international markets for trading financial instruments.
• Activities of many financial organisations
• The value of organisations , and how they make their money.
• Careers in financial services.
• Raising debt and equity finance
• Managing currency, interest rate and credit risks.
• The global financial crisis – a summary of its cause and the early years of its development.
• Over 100 chapter questions and answers and a glossary to reinforce learning.

If you like the sound of The City and global financial services, you can find it here

About The Author

Dr Singh is a teacher of business finance and is also a teacher of yogaplusexercise.

Dr Singh has many years of experience of working in and teaching financial services, including working in the City. He was Head of Treasury, an independent commercial finance broker, and set up, ran, and sold a SME. He is a consultant, and a visiting university lecturer teaching courses on the role of the City, international finance, and bank financial management.
He has a PhD on asset securitisation.

His website http://www.permjitsingh.com


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