A strong heroine, an Archangel , and the beginning of a plot that will rock the human world and the supernatural alike.

This is not a story about a damsel in distress. Jade has dedicated her entire life to find the murderers of her parents and destroy them. When she meets Michael the Archangel after a fight in a club parking lot her world turns upside down and she discovers that her true destiny is tied to his in ways that she can’t deny.

When Michael’s world invades Jade’s life and puts her in the path of danger she finds help in an unlikely ally and she will have to find ways to protect them all and the strength to stand alone in the face of all evil or doom them all.

In her debut novel, author Elyon Zarall manages to capture witty characters with weird humor and deadly battle skills that wrap you in the story and make you want more of them.

If you like the sound of Destiny, you can find it on Goodreads here, Amazon US here and Amazon UK here

You can find more information on Elyon Zarall by checking out her Facebook here, her Twitter here, her blog here and her Smashwords page here


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