So far, though this is only a few readers, Running the Race seems to be the book of ‘no response.’ We’ve had one person say one sentence, “It’s all true.”
If we want to end communication with someone- send them a copy of the book- quite helpful so that around the place we can hear a pin drop.
The book was only very recently launched, but this ‘no response’ is the very thing we observed in our fellow man as they, with us, lived the same experiences.
We all have burdens and ills, and we all want alleviation and cures- Kirsty is not alone in this. And as she gives example to have hope for the future, we have high hopes for all aspects of the future, including hope for the future regard of the Truth.
The book is nonfiction- Catholic grist used to lay out what the term ‘discernment’ is, and how to personally discern.
Discernment is not knowing. Knowing has a range- you might know a little or a lot about something. To discern means answering the question: At this moment in time, what is the appropriate relationship to have with this particular thing in my life.
Running the Race is online at our nonprofit website, St. Therese Missionary Society

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