I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Tybolt has spent his whole life as a Hunter, using his skills to find, capture and imprison Wizards. At night, he uses his earnings to feed the village, who are in complete poverty.

One day, life as he knows it changes for Tybolt. He becomes the thing that he most hates, and realises that he does not know who he truly is. Can he overcome the evil that is encompassing the village? Or will he be killed at the hands of the king?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It caught my attention from the first page, and I wanted to know more and more about Tybolt, his friends and about Rowan, who I took an instant dislike to. I liked the twist on the wizard theme, learning more about a world where wizards are treated like villains and scum.

The book is descriptive enough so that you can really feel as though you are there, but not over-descriptive so that it loses your attention. I would definitely be interested in reading some more works by Devri Walls.

I rate this book 4/ 5 stars!


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