Imagine waking up in bed next to a stranger…NAKED and the night was a mystery to the both of you!!!
Samara thought that she had found her soulmate, Hunter until that one shattering night when fate had played a cruel game on her and he broke her heart.
Because of her pompous father, she was arranged to marry the son of his potential new business partner in London that she had no clue about. She was not even shown a photograph of him. Was he ugly, was he bald, was he fat?

To make things worse, she was not only marrying a complete stranger but she was becoming a mother to his young son. She was not ready to take on either role. She wondered if the child would resent her as she resented her stepmother!

She could not go against her father’s wishes because he was a prominent business Tycoon and her refusal would ultimately cause degradation to her family. She was afraid of disappointing her father and being a disgrace to him.

However, Samara would learn soon that no matter how hard you try, the past always catches up with you…

Website                      : 
Publisher                   :           Self-Published
Name of Book           :           Second Chances Soulmate
Release Date             :           17th April 2016
Series Name              :           Now, Forever & Always
Number                      :           Book 1
Standalone                :           Yes
Genre                         :           Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, Romantic Suspense
Amazon Buy Link     : 
Goodreads Link        : 

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