I received a copy of this ebook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The summer of 1984 was a memorable year for the residents of Breathed, Ohio, for all the wrong reasons. What started out as an innocent invitation ended up being the worst summer in Fielding Bliss’s life. It would forever be remembered as the hottest summer, and the summer he became friends with the Devil.

This book touches on themes that some readers may find upsetting. When I finished this book, I had to sit and think about what I had just read. I loved how Fielding instantly became friends with Sal. Fielding saw past the colour of his skin and accepted Sal as his brother. Similarly with Fielding’s family, they instantly accepted him.

The ending completely shocked me. I can often sense the ending of a book before I get there but with this book, I did not anticipate exactly how it would end.

Tiffany McDaniel is such a talented author. I cannot believe this is a debut novel, it is written so fluently and with such in-depth descriptions that I would have thought she had been published in the past.

I have included a link in this review to the book trailer that Tiffany herself sent me.

I rate this book 5/5 stars!



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