Avalon is a moral tale of a young boy named Alex whose father (George Harrison) invents a way to communicate telepathically by decoding brainwaves and using the internet as an interface. Unaware of how powerful this device is or how people will use it Alex’s father creates a balanced group involving twelve of the most eclectic people on earth simply as an experiment to see if this device can help the world, or if it will destroy it. Armed now with vast knowledge and infinite wisdom Alex and his father set off on a wild adventure to initiate these extreme characters into their world of omnipotent power and intelligence. Along the way they find secret treasures, and hidden secrets both wonderful, and terrible, but the biggest and most terrible secret of them all, nobody could have ever fathomed.  The Earth is now heading towards certain destruction and only Alex and his father with the help of a very special friend have figured out how to save it. Unfortunately to know this secret carries with it a great and terrible price. Unable to keep running Alex and his father take refuge in one of the most secret places on Earth, a place known only as Avalon.

These questions and answers were kindly sent to me by Von Yugen himself

von yugen

1. “Why did you write this book?” “Basically because I’m a very misunderstood person I wanted to find a way to bring people into my world, to help others see what I see, feel what I feel, to understand what hurts me, and understand what I appreciate and why. This book is basically a metaphor for my life, and the only way for people to see what I see, well is to abstractly re-create it from the start and let others evolve just as I did. There is a deep lingering desire inside me wanting others to understand me better, to get inside my brain and just take a walk. This book is my brain, my soul, and my life, and I want people to treat it like a garden, take a walk through it slowly, try to understand it as there is much to be discovered and understood, and then maybe, just maybe something inside will spark and the reader will discover, they and I aren’t so different after all.”
2. “What do you want people to get from the book?” “My book is written for the new generation, I wanted to inspire the young adults, to spark their souls, and arm them with a strong moral understanding which nobody could ever argue with, but with situations they often don’t think about when dealing with their fellow man, as we will all experience these things in life, it’s good to think about what you would do when you are in these situations. I also want to get the younger generation prepared for what is so very soon to come. A world in which information is free flowing, literally right into the brain, what will it be like to know everything, to be telepathically linked to everyone, and perhaps eventually everything. There are also many complex circumstances portrayed in the book I wish to help the new generation familiarize themselves with. The coming earth changes, how these changes can affect our bodies at an atomic level, and how these things can also affect our moods as well. And also to help not only prepare each person for the spiritual battle they are certain to face in their lives but to understand the nature of this battle and show them that this really is less a battle and more of an awakening. I wanted to show how important it is to not only be accepting of others, but to also be understanding of others as well because ultimately we are all individuals together as one experiencing the same life, but from different perspectives. So before we start judging others lets put ourselves literally in their shoes and try to understand from their view ‘why.’ I wanted to show how empathy destroys fear and creates an environment of healing.”
3. “Why would people want to read your book?” “Avalon is written to be basically an anthem for millennials and their children. It gratuitously reflects what they see and reveals things they didn’t see as well, helps them put the puzzle together so they can better understand this complex world they live in, and then takes them to a place they want to be; a place where things make sense and they can begin to tackle the problems of the world from a non-threatening third party perspective almost as if they were watching a movie. I think it will be a great way for a person to relieve their stress and frustrations at the end of a long day.”
If you like the sound of Avalon, you can buy it on Amazon. If you would like to find out more about Von Yugen, check out his Goodreads and Facebook pages below



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