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About the Book


Title: Expand Your Personal Brand

Author: Carla Jenkins

Genre: Business, Nonfiction  

I have written this book because I want to save you, the reader, time, money and agony. I have learned these 20 lessons after 10 years of trial and error. The topics I cover are financial, personal branding, marketing and time management. I have started out with zero dollars in my pocket and have worked many 6-figure jobs due to these lessons. ‘ Expand Your Personal Brand!’ kills the learning curve by giving you realistic answers and timetables to solve your personal and professional branding problems. These 20 stories are real because I have lived them. I wish you, the reader, unlimited success.            – Carla Jenkins

Author Bio


 Carla Jenkins is a phenomenal expert specializing in project management and positive change management. She helps people capitalize upon all opportunities that positive change brings. Jenkins has received her BA in International Economics from Hiram College and her MBA from Cleveland State University. She also possesses 10 years’ experience in corporate America, a LinkedIn Pulse contributor and a certified project management professional. Ms. Jenkins is the host of Positive Change with Carla radio show focusing on positive change and project management.  

Having earned 4 promotions in 9 years, Jenkins has experienced and handled positive change management head on. Many people only talk about change in the negative, but change can be positive. No one talks about positive change, so Jenkins learnt how to manage this change through trial and error. You can check her out at


Author’s personal website:  

My book’s website:

Book Excerpts

Developing a personal brand strategy is essential towards career advancement. Even before you walk into the office for an interview, your personal brand proceeds you. – Personal Brand Strategy Tips chapter

There is many poor branding out there. Every day some talking head is mentioning personal branding.  No one talks about brand consistency; however, brand consistency is the way to stay memorable and relevant. Above all else, be consistent. Your effort will not matter if you aren’t. – 5 Steps to Brand Consistency

Now more than ever, it is imperative that any professional has a personal career brand. You can no longer just do your job and update your resume. The average person will have in between 7-10 jobs in his lifetime. You must actively manage your career to find the next job; hence, the importance of creating and maintaining a stellar personal career brand. – Employing The Three C’s (Clarity, Consistency and Constancy) to Improve Your Personal Career Brand chapter

Everyone wants to brush off their resumes and apply for the new jobs. The problem with this strategy is that you’re doing the same thing. Last check; insanity is the doing the same thing but expecting a different result. It is my responsibility to dispense truth and not sell pipe dreams to anyone here. Therefore, I am telling you that you need to develop your unique selling proposition in order to get a new job this year. – from developing your unique selling proposition chapter  

Bookworm1102’s Review

I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review, as part of the Enchanted Book Promotions book tour.

Expand Your Personal Brand is a non-fiction business book by Carla Jenkins. In this book, Carla explains her tips and ideas for helping people, in business mostly but it can also be used in your personal relationships, find and develop their personal brand.

I liked this book, it was well laid out, very clear and concise. I understood everything that was written and I have learnt some new ways to develop my personal brand. This book was very informative, and I really liked the exercises at the end of each chapter, encouraging the reader to stop and take part in a small exercise, to help towards developing their personal brand. There is also a bibliography at the back so readers can use the links in the bibliography to find more information.

I rate this book 4/ 5 stars!


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