polarity in motion

I was given this ebook in exchange for a honest review.
Polarity is a teenage girl who has recently moved to a new school. A naked picture of her gets posted on the internet, and everybody except Ethan believes that Polarity posed willingly for it. Will Polarity ever find out the truth?

I really liked this book. Polarity is such a relatable character. Most people can relate to feeling left out, alone, or being bullied at school. This book has some strong topics in, such as mental health, racism and bullying. I was surprised at some of the language being used in this book, but it all added to the characters, and the way Ethan reacted to the racism surprised me.
There were a few very minor typos but none of them really distracted me from the story. I would definitely read a sequel to this book.

I rate this book 4/5 stars!


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